A brief, yet interesting history

I live in Seattle, Washington which rains nearly as much as Wellington, New Zealand where I'm from. I like that in Seattle, it isn't so windy that it sometimes rains up. I guess that's why they call it "Windy Wellington". Wellington Sign

Like so many people, I worked jobs and then I decided to go to a coding bootcamp. I graduated from Enspiral Dev Academy in late 2015 and then I worked there as a teachers assistant which was great fun.

I have spent the last nearly 3 years in the US immigration process which was frustrating but and I am now a proud holder of a work authorisation! To keep myself occupied during the immigration wait, I worked on various coding projects and spent nearly 500 hours SPCA Volunteer Record playing with dogs at the San Francisco SPCA because dogs are awesome. I also Project Managed the shit out of the Marin Cricket Clubs Social Cricket Program. I played for them when I lived in the Bay Area, built them software to automate weekly tasks, improved player engagement, increased membership numbers and club revenue. During the Corona Virus lockdown, I rebuilt the site from scratch, added tons of new functionality and so it could use Rails 6 and take advantage of Webpack. It is easily the best thing I have made.

I also organised a cricket tour for 25 people through New Zealand in January of 2020. The Bay Area Beavers played 10 games against various clubs around New Zealand and had the time of their lives!

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