You Found The Where The Easter Eggs Are Easter Egg!

Home Page:

The words easter eggs is a hidden link and it brings you here.

The word dogs is a tooltip but that's obvious. The dog in the picture is Roxy and we used to hang out at the San Francisco SPCA. I hope she is doing well!

The word coffee is a tooltip, that is not obvious. That's a coffee mug a friend of mine has because she loved it and I didn't want to bring it to America.

In the left hand side of the footer, there is a Beep! Button. It plays a ding sound and is only visible when you are on the Home page.

About Page:

The navbar image is wonky to draw attention to it. It triggers a modal for a New Zealand 48 Hour Film Festival film I helped make instead of the expected action.

The words Wellington, New Zealand is a hidden link that takes you to some climate data about how much it rains in Wellington, New Zealand.

The words "Windy Wellington". is a tooltip that shows you the Wellington sign, it was originally going to say "Wellywood" but the locals protested it because that's a terrible name.

The words nearly 500 hours is a tooltip but you knew that! I wanted to back up my lofty claim about my hours with some evidence.

Contact Page:

There are no easter eggs on the contact page, but I wrote a gist on how to make a simple Contact Page that doesn't hit Active Record. There are not many good, simple clean examples I have found so I made one and hopefully it helps someone. It has undergone multiple revisions as I hadn't made a Gist before so it took me a few goes to get it to look right.